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Attract Better Paying Clients With Less Effort

Many health coaches or professionals struggle with finding  new clients and keeping them in their programs, but you don’t have to.  Learn how to implement  coaching programs that effortlessly attract clients who are committed to getting healthy and who value your expertise.  Finally get clients who are willing to pay you what your expertise  is worth!

Discover Ground-Breaking Strategies That Get Results

You CAN become a celebrity health coach even if you never venture outside of your hometown with these proven strategies  that use cutting edge techniques to deliver results-driven outcomes to your clients. New science and technology are giving savvy health coaches an advantage using science-based approaches. Don’t get left behind by your competition.

Avoid Making Costly Mistakes And BIG Setbacks!

The landscape of healthcare is changing along with the laws and regulations that health coaches need to know about. Find out how to keep yourself safe from costly legal entanglements, policy changes and the NEW laws coming that will directly affect your ability to continue working to help your clients and community get, and stay healthy.

Learn What’s Working Now!

Get unstuck and learn to navigate the ever-changing marketing world without being taken advantage of by marketing agencies and service providers. . You can protect yourself and even manage your own marketing campaigns by learning what’s working now, what social channels are HOT, and with the use of “copy & paste” strategies that can bring you a steady stream of high quality coaching clients on demand along with other programs designed to make you $$ while you sleep!


Meet Your Summit Host – Reed Davis

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT), Reed is an expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine and Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN).  Reed served as the Health Director and Case Manager at a Wellness Center in So. California for over 10 years and now teaches the FDN Course with over 2500 trainees or graduates in 50 countries.

Reed is known as one of the most successful and experienced clinicians in the world today, having provided functional lab assessments to over 10,000 clients. Reed is also a Clinical Advisor for BioHealth Laboratories and lives in the US, teaching the FDN Certification Course and helping his graduates build robust private practices.

Our Presenters

Amazing Presentations From Our World-Class Experts
Sachin Patel

How to Structure Programs That Get Extraordinary Results

We pull back the curtain on the lab testing that will allow you to have an effect on the root cause so clients actually get better. You’ll learn the difference between saliva, urine, blood, and stool testing and how to choose the right labs for each client. Learn how a health coach should offer lab and coaching services, increase income and profits, as well as how to retain clients and get referrals that will help create a waiting list practice.

Julia Sarver

 How to Setup a Group Coaching Program

Group coaching solutions can add real leverage to your practice. In this presentation, you’ll learn the best times to schedule group coaching session to get the most engagement from your clients, how to structure your programs, and what tools are available to you that will make it easiest for your clients to show up and have assets available to get work done.

Jenn Malecha

How to Convert Group Coaching Clients Into Private Clients

It’s true that some clients can only progress in a private sessions environment. Learn how to use assessments and pricing structure to bring group coaching clients into your private client programs without being “salesy.”

Summer Bock

Creating Online Courses to Maximize Reach and Profits

We’re going to talk about creating an online group course as a great way to get your name out there, make the most money, and start making a difference in people’s lives. We discuss mastering a content strategy and the process of selling your program and how to speed up that process and how to do it for your personal brand.

Tony Berlant

Prerequisites and Certifications that Will Make Your Coaching Practice Thrive

Certifications that will help you increase your income the most and return the most on your investment. Certifications that you should consider getting and exactly how to use them in your marketing the right way. Learn how to get out of the classroom and into action doing what you love. Do you even need certification? What are the benefits of certification. How much time and money should youi invest?

Wendy Myers

How to Crush it With an Online or “Distance Coaching” Practice

How so you start an online practice? What are the first steps?  How important is functional medical testing in your practice? Do you even need a physical office anymore? what are you thoughts? How is choosing your health niche so important to a successful practice?  What are some of your most effective practice marketing tools? How important do you think adding heavy metal and chemical detox is to your practice?

George Shepherd

What’s Working Now in Advertising and Marketing. Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Now you can cut out years of frustration trying to keep up with what’s working now in marketing your health coaching business. Learn exactly how to advertise and where to get the best clients and more importantly… how to avoid getting ripped off by advertising and marketing service providers.

Dr. Peter Osborne

Creating Passive and Residual Income Channels With Your Coaching Business

There are additional programs that can add residual and passive income to your coaching practice. Learn which programs offer the highest rate of return and are the easiest to implement into your business. If applied correctly, these passive income programs can generate exponentially more than trading dollars for hours in your physical practice.

Sandra Scheinbaum

Distance Coaching/Telemedicine Vs. Brick and Mortar Practice

You CAN run a successful “telemedicine,” or what others call distance learning program. These programs can open a whole new world of clients that don’t need to reside in your geographic area. You can finally coach from ANYWHERE. Learn how in this deep-dive. We also discuss how many doctors are using health coaches nowadays, how many health coaches are needed.

Ritamarie Loscalzo

The Secret Formula to Restoring Health No Matter What The Disease

Want to learn the secret to all life’s ‘health” problems? It sounds cliché but isn’t true. There IS a simple formula that you can learn which will empower you to help your clients recover and reach their goals faster. Once you learn this method, it’ll never be easier to get measurable results for your clients again.

Heidi Hanna

How Health Coaches Can Recognize When a Client is Overstressed

Learn why health coaches must understand the impact of stress on the brain and body, both personally as well as professionally.  Why should coaches incorporate stress mastery training into their practice.  What does the latest research tell us about how stress impacts health and what are Dr anna’s Hanna’s 5 Practical Steps to Recharge the Brain

Debi Silber

What You NEED to Know About Clients suffering from Betrayal Syndrome

More and more our clients are stopped by emotional challenges. Health coaches have an advantage to helping those who suffer from emotional issues without the use of side-effect laden drugs. Learn the techniques and programs that all health coaches should know to keep up with the demand for mental and emotional wellness today, especially around the area of Post Betrayal Syndrome.

Tricia Nelson

What You NEED to Know About Emotional Eating

Learn why “comfort foods” are so comforting and why 98% of all diets fail. How to help your clients differentiate between physical and emotional hunger. Three hidden causes of emotional eating and how to heal them. How to stop obsessive food thoughts. The #1 weight loss mistake clients should never make. How to manage stress before it drives you to the kitchen.

JJ Virgiin

Turning Clients into Warrior (Moms) to Empower Them

How to help clients develop a positive, resilient mindset and why that’s so important. How does mindset tie into health and what to say to clients who feel they could never do what you do. How to deal with clients who feel they don’t have what it takes to get through a crisis. How do we get clients to start changiung their mindset today.

Nicole Willis

How to Integrate Supplements Into Your Health Coaching Business

Supplements are a staple in many health coaching programs today, but do you know how to turn supplement recommendations into a thriving six, or even seven figure revenue channel that can run parallel to your existing practice? Learn exactly how, where to source them, and how to bolt on a wildly successful supplement program now.

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Health Coaching and Hormonal Health

What are the most typical hormonal imbalance that cause stubborn weight.  Can a health coach help a client reset hormones or jump-start metabolism?  Do essential oils play a role? They are very powerful tools that when used effectively, can really enhance your client’s experience. Learn how to use aromatic compounds the right way to get the results you’re looking for without the risk.

Nat Kringoudis

How Can Health Coaches Help Best with Reproductive Issues

How do health coaches fill the gap between conventional medicine, supporting wellness and a unique approach to women’s natural health care.  Can health coaches help integrate the western medical approach with alternative therapies and natural fertility methods.  Find out how stress affects hormones, energy pathways, diet, sleep, gestation and contraception

Lara Adler

What do HC need to know about toxins and detoxification

Environmental toxins are linked to every single health condition that you’ll see in your practice. While detoxification is important, we cannot overlook the importance of addressing every-day, chronic exposures to chemicals in the home. In fact, for many health issues, environmental exposures may be THE thing that’s keeping them stuck and sick. Learning how to talk toxins with your clients is also a powerful way to distinguish your work from others in the field

Debra Atkinson

Working With an Aging Population

Find out how working with women over 50 is different than other clients. Clients in this demographic are not the same with regards to strength, endurance, stamina, balance and many other factors.  With an end desire of independence Debbie discusses longevity and lifespan, but more importantly: HEALTH SPAN! Includes how to market to this client base.  For instance, picturing a woman spinning her grandchildren around on the beach in an ad vs showing a set of dumbbells.

Michelle Norris

Mastering Health Coach Entrepeneurship

Listen to the founder of PaleoFx on becoming an entrepreneur, how to turn inspiration into action, creating a conscious driven company and finding your own tribe of entrepreneurs. Learn how to build a business from one of the most successful people in the health space. Michelle goes over how the Paleo movement has impacted how we do business, how to find products and services that align with your vision and lowering stress while raising profits

Brad Stevens

How Health Coaches Can Hire A Virtual Workforce to Expand their Businesses

Our expert discusses the biggest challenges facing health coaches and running their businesses. The concept of VA has been around, Tim Ferris talked about it many years back with “4 hour work week,” why hasn’t it caught traction so that everyone knows? Get the answers to the questions most people have when using VA’s and learn exactly how to use VA’s.

Carla Atherton

How Health Coaches can Work with Entire Families

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David White

How to Build You Business Online Even if Nobody know you exist

What the heck *IS* Content Marketing? Why is Content Marketing the starting place for any wellness expert building their profile online? How does someone specifically and strategically start their platform? What are the nuts & bolts of one of these content platforms? What are the ‘Expert’s Insider Secrets’ that you don’t really get to know and appreciate about content marketing until you’ve got a few years experience? How to get past the common – and totally fair – objections that some people have to starting content marketing, because this is such a new thing for most people

Tom O’Bryan

Tapping your inner vibrant coach

Reed and Dr Tom discuss the general principles of health building that every health coach needs to have fully ingrained and what tapping into your inner vibrant coach means. Learn how to maintain your enthusiasm and commitment to doing the most good in the world by witnessing for your clients.  Also learn how to become an expert in more than one area and training yourself to build trust by being present for clients.

Garret Gunderson

Why Health Coaches Must Take Responsibility for making a profit

Garret shows us how to recover cash – Identifying areas where money is leaking and give immediate practical strategies and examples that we can implement.  How to build sustainable wealth – how to rig the financial game in our favor, earn interest rather than pay it, and cut out the middle man.  And how to take Control Over our Finances – Discover where we are handling our finances excellently AND where our finances are inefficient or need special attention as Garrett uncovers the indicators that expose future problems.

Dr Alan Weinstein

Brain Based marketing, a neurological approach to building your business.

Dr. Weinstein’s consistently helps his clients develop the most cost-effective, proven strategies to acquire new customers, expand online search marketing reach, and develop a positive ROI. His discussion of “Brain Based” marketing including examples of how Health COaches can use it in their own businesses and practical advice on implemennting it into our practices.

Andrea Nakayama

Functional Nutrition for Health Coaches

A lot of us get into the field of health and healthcare because of a health challenge or an experience of our own. We talk about Functional Nutrition and how it is distinct from Functional Medicine.  What are the major traps that health coaches fall into and how do those traps impede success.  Talk about her system of “3 Tiers, the “ART of Practice” and “Tools and Systems for Assessment”  What is the role of an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner to be on a patient’s medical team?

Cynthia Garcia

How Transformational Nutrition Sets Health Coaches (And Their Clients) Up For Success

Many health coaching schools follow the ‘old school’ way of health coaching that involves cookie cutter diets and one-size-fits-all approaches.  This method is changing the game by teaching Transformational Nutrition and personalized health coaching so clients get real results, fast.  What is Transformational Nutrition and how does the Transformational Nutrition Method work? Describes the roles that psychology and spirituality play in overall health.  What is the “Transformation Generation”?

Jarred Yellin

The Secret Formula to Annual Planning That Will Explode Your Business

Jarred provides a magic formula for success that covers a whole year of marketing.  His “12-4-2-2-2” method assures your success in the marketplace and relieves the stress and hesitancy from day-to-day marketing and promotional efforts.

Jerry Bailey

Men’s Health

Reed and Jerry discuss a wide variety of Men’s Health issues and how health coaches can step in or guide men to acheive the performance, stamina and peace they seek.

Steve Ezell

Ecommerce and Online Sales

Ecommerce and online sales have become the talk of the health coaching community.  We talk about how to bring an offline business into the online world.  How to increase our coaching income through Steve’s digital marketing formulas that get results. Do we need a website and what would I really use if for?  Should I post my prices online? What are other passive sources of income for health coaches such as supplements? What are the best ways to build my email list or newsletter? How do drive traffic to my website? What online scams should I watch out for?

Dr Elisa Song

How Can Health Coaches Help Best with Children

We are facing an epidemic of childhood and teenage health problems. Now more than ever we need to help our children gain the tools to manage and overcome their issues in a healthy way. In this day and age, when parents are struggling with children’s health issues, coaches need to understand how to make mindfulness an EASY and EVERYDAY part of kid’s lives, as well as other special considerations for working with kids.

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